Banning Contract Cheating at universities

Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten zu fördern ist Ziel der Zitier-Weise

Today, October 18th 2017, marks the Second International Day of Action against contract cheating. I am very happy to take part in this concerted event and make aware of various types of cheating amongst students. Since this is an international operation, unlike most of my previous blog posts this article will be in English. (foto: students taking life easy by cheating contracts?; © Fotolia No. 26358440S by creative studio) Student life Let’s face it – studying is hard, and I clearly don’t mean the partying part of it which can take its toll of course! 😉 From my own experience as a full-time student living on my own in a huge brand-new city with hardly any friends or contacts what so ever learing was a lot of work. And there were „distractions“ in the form of being forced to work part-time jobs, looking back I might also put it like that: it was poorly paid slave work, period! Also, family members falling seriously ill, living stressed out and unhealthy myself and friends committing suicide did not help my study efforts most of the time. It often was no fun. At all. When life hits you full on in the face, repeatedly, it can be all that tempting to give in to various „helpers“ and services floating around university life. Although I was not tempted myself cheating my way through university, I wondered every now and then if I am doing everything correctly, for instance when it happended that I needed… Lesen Sie hier weiter!