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Why are we needed?


Academic honesty is a prerequisite for any student and scientist. Recent scandals in Germany (plagiarism accusations against ex-ministers zu Guttenberg and Schavan) and in many other countries worldwide show there is a gap about what students think is allowed and required for research, mainly due to a lack of or misinformation within the scientific community.



Who are we?

The founder of “Zitier-Weise” is Natascha Miljković, a fomer Natural Sciences student (MSc and PhD) at the University of Vienna, Austria. She worked as Programm Manager for various universities and programms for 10 years. In 2012 she founded the agency “Zitier-Weise” after having implemented plagiarism detection for a Medical School sucessfully.
The team is completed by an external co-worker, Petra Öllinger, an experienced writing psychologist and lector/ editor.



What services do we provide?

The company “Zitier-Weise” provides science counselling for

  • universities and schools preparing and informing their students on how to become a valuable member of the global scientific community by following good scientific practice rules,


as well as plagiarism detection services and lectorate for

  • students writing their theses,
  • scientists writing and publishing research papers and books,
  • researchers writing funding applications for research grants,
  • publishers proof-reading manuscripts, and
  • authors, (copy-)writers and advertising agencies improving and protecting their publications and website texts.



What else are we providing?

Besides the plagiarism expertise we hold talks, seminars and workshops for students and scientists. Our goal is for participants to become experienced writing texts and using citation, get a head start on the hot topic plagiarism and be well informed not to head into unintended copyright infringements.


Also, a full editing service can be ordered from Petra Öllinger (in German only, upon request).

How does it work?

Handing in a manuscript for plagiarism check requires that

  • you are the creator of the text (we do NOT process accusations!),
  • the thesis mustn’t be already approbated by a university or school,
  • please only hand in entire manuscripts,
  • your file is in English and/ or German, and
  • your file mustn’t be protected by write lock.


After a pre-check you will get a written approval of your request or (for scientists and institutions) a preliminary cost estimate.


By placing your order with the agency “Zitier-Weise” you accept the terms and conditions for these services as published on their website (in German!).


(All services provided by Petra Öllinger underlie her terms and conditions.)



How to contact the Agency “Zitier-Weise”?

For more English information on our company and services please contact us via e-mail
(office (a) plagiatpruefung.at).


We are looking forward to help you improve the formal quality

of your theses and texts!


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